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MEP 42 corrections

Page 67, Section 3.3.15: Summary of prescriber types and prescribing restrictions

Table 4 – For Pharmacist Independent Prescriber, under the column “Can prescribe controlled drugs (schedule 2 to 5 on a prescription)“ states “Yes. A Home Office licence is required to prescribe cocaine, dipipanone or diamorphine for treating addiction . Address of prescriber must be within the UK.”


It should state “Yes, but not cocaine,dipipanone or diamorphine for treating addiction. Address of prescriber must be within the UK.”

Page 90, Section 3.6.3 Possession and Supply

Under the heading Patients, reference has been made to Chapter 17 of Pharmacy and Medicines Law (11th edition , 2017).


It should make reference to Chapter 16.

Page 97, Private prescription requirements for Schedule 2 and 3 controlled drugs

Under the heading 3. Submission it states “Pharmacies must submit the original private prescription to the relevant NHS agency (NHS Business Services Authority or equivalent); for veterinary prescriptions see below. This requires an identifying code assigned to the pharmacy for this purpose by the local primary care organisation.“


An identification code is not needed for Scotland.

Page 97, Table 13: Controlled drugs private prescription forms

Under “Type of Form” for England it states “FP10CDF” and for Wales it states “WP10CDF”


It should state for England “FP10 PCD” and for Wales “WP10 PCD”

Page 102, Table 15: Denaturing and witness requirements for patient – returned and expired controlled drugs

Heading of the 2nd column reads “Patient-returned controlled drug expired/obsolete/unwanted stock.”


It should read “Drug expired/obsolete/unwanted stock”.


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